Living history in the early medieval period

The entire tented camp of the Niflheim Vikings currently exists of:

4 A-frame tents

1 Saks tents
2 awnings with 3 m width
(onto A-frame tents)

​When the complete group of re-enactors at the Niflheim Vikings are present, they will need a minimal space of 25x20m to set up their whole encampment. The way the camp is set up can differ in shape. For example this shape could be a 'U' shape, 'L' shape in a corner, or other fitting shape. 

Below you can find information about what to expect from each sibbe, when the Niflheim Vikings are standing at your event or when you want to visit our camp.

Sibbe Orvar
A-frame tent with awning and woodmilling
Great Sax tent with Hnefatafl
A-frame tent with large cooking awning and chairs
A-frame tent with awning and blacksmith or fighting equipment
A-frame with fighting equipment and chainmail
Naam volgt nog
A-frame tent
Meer weergeven

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